Monday, January 17, 2011

favorite fast food joint

my favorite fast food restaurant  is Wendys whats yours

muscle car or classic car talk

I have a 1972 ford Gran Torino about two weeks ago from a kid i know. when he sold it to me he want on and on about how the guy he bought of did a hack job on all the wiring and this and that and how all the lights don't work blah blah pretty much he under sold the shit out of the car. so two weeks later i came back to his house with 750 and bought the car so i got it to my house and found out that he had a battery in it that only had like 500 cold cranking amp and that the voltage regulator was bad in it. so i went out and got a new battery with 900 cold cranking amps and bought a new voltage regulator put them into the car and fired it up and what would you know that every light worked sucks for him. and later i found out that he paid 2500 bucks for the car oh well his loss my gain.

post if you have any stories of getting any sweet deals like this

first time user

So my friend showed me this website a couple days ago and told me about it hes using Google ad-sense on his blog as well and with in 48 hours he made just over 20 dollars so i figured what the hell ill try so here it is my first post on blog

If you have any topic you'd like me to talk about please leave a comment about what you'd like me to talk about